Berlin Wall: goodbye // Israel Separation Wall: hello

A poem from the Separation Wall between Israel and Palestine


Peace is a dream worth fighting for

        It is a dream worth having while awake

 It is a prayer that you can wish on your enemies

        It is a direction worth heading in.

This is a poem that appears continuously on the Separation Wall in Jerusalem on the Palestinian side. The 7 metre wall started in 2002,  divides Palestinian West Bank residents from Israel but it is more. 

It is a continuous concrete wall that is expected to completely isolate the West Bank.

There are checkpoints at every opening, meaning armed Israeli soldiers, often gates that herd as many as 4000 Palestinians through; security checks where children’s school bags are inspected daily, sometimes twice daily even though it is the same 14 children who pass through that particular checkpoint and who are held up over 45 minutes usually.

It is sad to see the view of a 7 metre concrete fence from your patio, sadder still to realize , that your farm land, with olive trees was confiscated, 1000 year old trees destroyed in order to build the concrete slab.

As of 2009 statistics, about 14%  of the Wall has been built on the Green Line or Israeli land; 86% is inside the West Bank, meaning Palestine.*

“The construction of the wall being built by Israel…in the occupied Palestinian Territory…is contrary to international law. Israel is under obligation…to dismantle forthwith the structure…and make reparation for all damage caused”.  International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion, July 9, 2004

*United Nations Office for the Coordination of  Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)

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